Monday, December 26, 2005


Reality shows make my ears bleed. I will not deny I was caught up by the first season of 'Survivor', but then only after being dragged into it by the fifth episode kicking and screaming; but after that, it was been there done that.

Still, they do play a part in the TV Universe, especially when fictional characters end up appearing on them. And so when there is some kind of crossover/spinoff news about them, I will mention it here.

And it's appropriate to mention the bleeding out, since this time around the news centers on the Gotti family. 'Growing Up Gotti' has been canceled, but A&E is showing interest in the family's next venture for reality TV.

The daughter of the Teflon Don, Victoria Gotti, said that "We've been kicking around different ideas. One is about the boys being grown up."

So this time, the show will be a work of fiction?

Ohhh, I'll be wearing the ce-ment shoes for that one....


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