Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This was a big year for the inter-relations between Toobworld and "Cyberia", the Internet world. 'CSI: MIami' had an extended ending for an episode available at; an alternate ending for an episode of 'Veronica Mars' was up at AOL to be voted on by its fans; The Carver of 'Nip/Tuck' had his/her own blog at; and the 'Children In Need' short featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler (which bridged the finale of last season's 'Doctor Who' and the recently broadcast special, 'The Christmas Invasion') could be seen online for awhile by those fans (i.e. - the deprived Americans like myself!) who didn't have the chance to watch it during the charity telethon.

But this is not to say that everything from "Cyberia" can be absorbed into the TV Universe of Toobworld. As it was for the "Cineverse" (the universe of movies), you have to pick and choose.

Thanks to Ryan Budke, a leading blogger over at, I'm thinking it's time to sever the online version of Barney from 'How I Met Your Mother' from his counterpart in Toobworld.

Ryan has published an essay on how the Blogger Barney's "Get Psyched" music mix list is radically different from the supposedly same list by Toobworld Barney, which could be seen in freeze-frame in an episode of the TV show.

You can read Ryan's splainin here:

My one regret about the whole thing is that Blogger Barney was my friend Ivy's first exposure to the character and to the show. After hearing me rave about it, she decided to check out the link before the next episode came around. She found the attitude of Blogger Barney repugnant - but then she wasn't reading it with the necessary Barney attitude echoing in her head.

By the time the show aired again the following week, the damage was done. She couldn't stomach the show.

After checking out 'Committed' last spring based on my rave for it (due to my love for Jennifer Finnegan), and with our disagreements over 'Surface' (she likes it) and 'Threshold' (I liked that), I think Ivy will no longer trust my judgement when it comes to TV shows.

So damn you, Blogger Barney! Darken not the Toobworld door!

[Thanks to for bringing this to my attention.]

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