Monday, December 26, 2005


Ed Maslow, senior vice president and senior creative director at the New York office of BBDO, said that they were considering remaking other well-liked Alka-Seltzer commercials from the 60's and 70's.

There are o'bvious choices for the next recreations:

"Try it, you'll like it"
"Magadini's Meatballs"
"Groom's First Meal"
"The Unfinished Lunch"

For that last one, it would be the perfect showcase for Jeffrey Tambor once 'Arrested Development' is officially off the air. His Bluth patriarch could lead the luncthime prison riot as the great character actor George Raft did in the original.

For the others? I can visualize Jerry Stiller as Arthur of 'The King of Queens' doing the "Try it, you'll like it" routine. ("So I tried it..... Thought I was going to DIE!" he would scream.)

And how about Matt LeBlanc taking over for Jack Somack in the fake commercial for Magadini's Meatballs? With any luck, his execrable sitcom will be canceled soon, so Joey Tribbiani could use the work.

As for the newlywed wife's hapless attempts to pick out new recipes (like poached oysters and my favorite - marshmallow meatloaf), I'd like to see Allyson Hannigan and Jason Segel play the young couple, as they do on 'How I Met Your Mother'. But then again, seeing the type of food his family regularly packed away at dinner back in Wisconsin, maybe Marhall wouldn't be so intimidated by Lily's giant dumplings.

Or going back to the source for 'Joey', how about using Ross and Rachel of 'Friends'? She once made a dish in which she combined beef with banana pudding, and which Ross thought tasted like feet.

If you've got any ideas as to which classic TV characters should appear in the possible remakes, why not share them with me. Post a comment!

Try it; you'll like it!

Plop plop fizz fizz!


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Anonymous said...

Not sure this is a bark up the right tree but what about ChaChi following The Fonz as the lawyer on Arrested Development? Isn't that somekind of crossover?