Sunday, January 1, 2006


One last thought about the TV Universe 2005.....

TV has been responsible for new words in the past - "Uhny-Uftz", "embiggen", "Shozbot!", "Nanu-nanu", "Ibeeda", Imzadi", and "Slurm".

2005 was nearly over before we got the best new term of the year:

"It's not 'The Apprentii', it's 'The Apprentice'."
Randal Pinkett
'The Apprentice'

Maybe somebody should do an end-run around NBC and The Gasbag by creating a new show called 'The Apprentii'. Make it a sci-fi show about Jedi-like mystics (Let's bleep off George Lucas while we're at it!) training to protect the universe.


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