Friday, January 6, 2006


Jaia may have been on to something the other day when she suggested a new category for next year's Toobits: Best Return Of A Character.

She thought that Dr. Noah Drake's return to 'General Hospital' after 22 years was a worthy contender for last year. And if the rumors I'm hearing are true, I have the candidate for 2006 locked up as well.

But my candidate may have competition, and it looks like Jaia's fave soap will be responsible for it again.

According to Carolyn Hinsey in the New York Daily News, Tristan Rogers is returning to 'General Hospital' next month as Robert Scorpio. The former spy, with one of the coolest TV names ever, was last seen 14 years ago when it was assumed he perished in a boat explosion.

Of course, as so often happens in soaps, no body was recovered.

Who's next to turn up in Port Charles, NY? If this trend continues, perhaps we might find out that the title character of 'Jake In Progress' was once known as Blackie Parrish!


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