Sunday, January 1, 2006


I want to give a big THANKS! to Rozane of the Emergency! Fans website for her help today in sealing the deal on the connection between a quartet of shows.

It all began when I caught a recent two-hour 'Matlock' "movie" on one of the cable channels ("Matlock: The Vacation"). There were a lot of references to Trans-Global Airlines, so I decided to look into that and see if I could link it to anything else.

First off, there's the link to the movie universe with 'Airport'. But more importantly, it was used in 'All My Children' in 1997, and 'The Young & The Restless' in 2004.

(On 'AMC', Adam Chandler's cost-cutting measures with the airline caused the crash of TGA Flight #149 after which Maria supposedly died while saving Maddie. And Nick took TGA Flight #373 out of Chicago's O'Hare back to Genoa City, Wisconsin, on 'Y&R'.)

And then there's 'Emergency!', but I'll let Rozane pick up the tale:

"There is a scene in "The Girl On The Balance Beam" with the TGA logo in it. I caught this one before since Mickey Michaels (one of the show's set decorators) also worked on all the "Airport" movies. TGA was their logo in those."

Each of these shows go on to link to others.

'Emergency!' links to 'Adam-12' and 'Sierra', with an in-joke reference to it on 'Quincy, M.E.'.

'The Young & The Restless' links to 'The Bold & The Beautiful' and 'As The World Turns'.

'All My Children' has linked in the past to many of the other ABC soaps - 'General Hospital', 'One Life To Live', 'Port Charles' and 'Loving'.

And 'Matlock' showed up on 'Diagnosis Murder', which has also linked to 'Promised Land' (a spin-off of 'Touched By An Angel'), 'Mannix' (which crossed over to 'Here's Lucy'), 'Mission: Impossible', and which was itself a spin-off from 'Jake And The Fatman'.

So as you can see, having Trans-Global Airlines to connect those four yields a bonanza!

And now Oceanic Airways has some serious competition in Toobworld!

If you want to visit Rozane's site, here's the URL:

It's chock-full of DeSoto and Gage goodness!



Corey Bond said...


--Grampa Simpson

LadyAleena Noyb said...

GUH! I wish there were screen shots and specific episode titles for all of the TransGlobal Airlines appearances. It would be great to see if the logos match up.

LadyAleena Noyb said...

By the way, Westphall has Quincey M.E. and Miami Vice also using Trans Global Airlines. I haven't seen screen shots proving it, but without episode titles it is hard to gather proof.