Sunday, June 19, 2005


Fifteen years I've waited for a new series for 'Doctor Who', with only a single TV-movie to feed the jones. Finally, it's here! The 27th season! (Some out there consider it the first and to hell with what came before.)

As soon as it returned, the season is over; thirteen episodes. Last night the final episode aired in England, marking the end of Christopher Eccleston's involvement as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor and introducing David Tennant as the next regeneration.

Not that we in the USA are going to see the show anytime soon - an American market for the series has yet to be be delivered.

But that's a mere quibble for your humble servant. As a Caretaker for Toobworld, there was no way I was going to be denied seeing this new series. Thanks to the power of the Internet and the advances in its technology (like bit-torrents), if you're that determined to see something, you can find it.

I do support efforts to curb the piracy of theatrical releases, but if it's a show that was broadcast over the airwaves, than I think it's fair game.

I know I'm probably in the wrong, that there are those out there who don't agree with me. So in order to protect my source for seeing the full 13-episode run of the new 'Doctor Who', I'll only identify my source as Markhael.

The show has been incredibly rich with information to help expand the TV Universe, and it's given me reason to delve deeper into the show's own history as well as search for connections to other TV series.

Markhael was nice enough to invite me over for all-night viewing marathons and hhee loaned whatever episodes from the show's long past which I thought might help illuminate some plot point in the current season.

So for all the help tendered for my blog's summer theme.....



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WordsSayNothing said...

Review, review! Where's the review of the Doctor Who season finale? I want to see what you thought of it.