Thursday, June 23, 2005


Last night I got the chance (Thanks, Markhael!) to see the finale of the new series of 'Doctor Who'. Having now seen all thirteen episodes of this resurrection of a sci-fi classic, I have to say the suits running the American TV networks have no conception of what they are doing.

The mantra is true: TV network executives should be nibbled to death by ducks!

This was a fantastic re-invention of a legend, stripping away all of those elements which would bring a bemused smile to those who remembered the old series - the pacing, the costumes and sets, the monsters with the zippers up the back.

Instead Russel T. Davies has thrust the premise forward into the 21st Century with a bracing redefinition that belies its status as a "children's show". Instead, it's now more sophisticated than some of the other dramas out there on the prime-time schedule.

Screw Sci-Fi Channel for passing on this! Screw 'em with a sonic screwdriver! Let them waste their sked slots on the crap they're brewing up in their basement - those schlocky flicks that clutter up the weekend evenings. They don't deserve to have this series.

It's good enough to gain entry on one of the main networks - it certainly would have given UPN the opportunity to run with the big boys.

But then again, the freedom displayed in the writing and the character development make 'Doctor Who' better suited for one of the cable outlets - FX or Spike.

In its own way, the Doctor and his companions certainly would be at home on Bravo as well!

At the very least, BBC-America should sacrifice their holdout for potential profits - on this first season at least - to get the American audience hooked on the show. And then they can put the squeeze on some other outlet to shell out more for the rights to continue broadcasting it.

Hopefully the DVD box sets should be available soon for the American market. If and when it is, buy it. Long-time lovers of the series or new to the adventure, you won't be sorry.

This morning it fully hit me - I have to wait now until the Christmas season to see a new installment for the series with the Christmas special.

The only thing which makes that bearable is the knowledge that so many more of you might have to wait even longer to see the series at all. Nyahahahahahaa!

That's right. I'm a bastid.


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