Wednesday, June 22, 2005


While showing Vince Chase a less than ideal house going for one million, a realtor mentioned "that actor from 'Smallville'." Vince wanted to know "Where's Smallville?"

The above quotes are probably how it appeared on paper. More than likely that's the way they played it out. But this is how it's interpreted for Toobworld purposes:

Realtor: "That actor from Smallville."
Vince: "Where's Smallville?"

See what I did there? Gone are the quotation marks for "Smallville". The way they intended the exchange, Vince had no conception of the TV show. And it points up the fact that he's woefully ignorant on the whole DC comics scene, which may have an impact on how he approaches his role in the upcoming "Aquaman" movie.

But since they didn't go into such detail, we're free to look at it another way.

In the TV Universe, there is an actor famous enough to have his name dropped into a conversation as a reference. And apparently everybody knows he comes from a small farm town in Kansas which is called Smallville.

Well, apparently everybody but Vince Chase.

Now this does NOT mean that 'Smallville' and 'Entourage' share the same TV dimension. Instead, 'Entourage' is still in the main Toobworld, but 'Smallville' is off in 'The West Wing' universe. For Vince and his 'Entourage', Superman as a living character has come and gone nearly forty years ago.

But since that realtor thought it relevant to mention where that actor came from, it's likely the people of Toobworld know Superman was the late Clark Kent by this point in time. And thus, they know that Smallville, Kansas, was the small town where Superman grew up.

And that means the use of "Superman" comic books, mentions of the Christopher Reeve movies, and the hero worship by Jerry 'Seinfeld' grew out of that former secret becoming public knowledge in the TV Universe. And thus we are spared all of that ending up as Zonks!.

As for that actor from Smallville, if it's not going to be Tom Welling..... then who? It might be fun to do a bit of digging to find some fictional actor in another TV show who supposedly comes from a Midwestern background.

And my first thought falls on Harry Hamlin's portrayal of Aaron Echolls during this past season of 'Veronica Mars'. Of course, because of his notoriety, it's more likely the realtor might have mentioned "that actor who killed a woman down in Neptune".

Mayhaps you have some ideas on that, Gentle Reader? Let me know!


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