Saturday, June 25, 2005


AP - Fri Jun 24, 5:58 PM ET NEW YORK - San Antonio's Game 7 win over Detroit was the highest-rated of the NBA Finals, though the average for the series was down 29 percent from last year.

Reuters - Fri Jun 24, 3:25 PM ET LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Viewership of the NBA finals finally perked up Thursday as the San Antonio Spurs cruised to victory over the Detroit Pistons to lock up their third title since 1999.

I'm not a basketball fan, so the above news story wouldn't have spurred me (sorry) to look for relevance for Toobworld. Luckily for me, I have a great crossover compadre in Hugh Davis to do that for me.....

I found that Robert Horry appeared for 3 episodes of the daytime soap ['Passions']. Horry of course just went into the record books with his sixth NBA title (tying him with Jordan, Pippen, and Kareem), and his title with a third different team (only the second player to do that--the other is John Salley). I didn't know that he'd been on the soap, but it puts him in the League of Themselves. (He was also on an episode of 'Jack and Jill').

LOL - I'll take Hugh's word for it. I only saw just enough episodes (one!) of 'Jack & Jill' to get the feel of it, but I also never even heard of Horry.

But at least I have a spin on the NBA title. Thanks, Hugh!


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