Saturday, June 18, 2005


My brother Bill pointed out a good example of Toobworld at work currently on the air.

It's the new commercial for Capitol One, in which a berserker bemoans the unemployment status for him and his bloodthirsty buddies. They used to have plenty of work, "charging" those who charged on credit cards with high rates.

But now that so many people are using Capitol One instead, these warriors now work as hot dog vendors, kiddie ride operators, airline stewardesses, and as linemen for the county.

As Bill noted, the series of blipverts is now evolving; Life moves onward even for mystical marauders in league with credit card companies.

Other commercial series told continuing stories - those Taster's Choice ads with Giles-# er, with Anthony Head, for example. The same could be said for the Maytag series, especially since the addition of the rookie repairman. (Not to mention the succession of actors as Ol' Lonely starting with the legendary Jesse White.)

I don't know where Capitol One can go from here with the theme; I just hope they don't go backwards to the old ways because the schtick had gone about as far as it could once they attacked the football stadium.

My suggestion would be to do what Maytag and Cheez-its did - cross over, of course of course! Find some company that could be the goal for the credit card user and see how these berserkers interact with the product after they um, "discover" they arne't needed after all.

Or get a few second-tier celebs playing themselves, like Donny Osmond is doing in a fun new Sprint PCS blipvert with that company's trenchcoated technomage.

Let's see those Visa-goths battle it out with somebody like Georgia Engel (Georgette on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'); somebody who would never stand a chance if not for their trusty Capitol One card.

I'd love to hear her say in that whispery voice, "What's In Your Wallet?"


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