Monday, June 13, 2005



Toobworld consists of all genres of TV shows co-existing together in the same dimension. And if there are too many discrepancies, too many to splain, we can slide that particular show into an alternate dimension.

That's the beauty of Toobworld as opposed to other universes based on Man's artistic creations - everything, anything!, can be included.

But you tele-fanatics knew that.

This week's major crossover isn't much of a stretch to bridge genres. One was a supernatural horror series, the other a VERY dark violent crimes procedural.

The crossover is actually just a trifle, based on an in-joke shout-out to a former series on which show runner Tim Minear once worked.

The vampire 'Angel' took on, took down, and took over the satanic law firm of Wolfram & Hart. During the investigation into the case of a serial killer, a security guard was sporting a Wolfram Security Co. patch on his uniform.

I contend that in order to keep close watch over internal leaks, Wolfram & Hart must have established their own security agency to keep everything in company. They may have also done the same thing with their accounting affairs - W&H Auditing, perhaps?

At any rate, once the main company was dismantled due to Angel and his crew, the subsidiary of Wolfram Security must have hired themselves out to the City of Angels to work security in the L.A. subway system.

Yes, it's trivial. But the universe is built on the trivial. All of the great events through Time have hinged upon the smallest detail.

For want of a nail.....

And the Creator of the show wanted to make this connection happen, so who am I to deny him? ("Look for a very specific ‘Angel’ reference,” Minear suggested.)

Tim Minear hoped to make another connection to 'Angel' in the pilot episode of 'The Inside', but it got lost in the transition from first draft to the actual shooting script for the debut episode.

Minear wanted the old Hyperion Hotel, where Angel used to live, to serve as the abandoned base of operations for the serial killer being hunted by the FBI's violent crimes unit.

But instead, it was the "Park Place Hotel on MacArthur Park". I'll have to see some frame grabs of that hotel in the first episode of 'The Inside' to be sure, but it could be that if the location shots match up, then they're the same place
but known by different names to different people over the course of its architectural history.

Perhaps Tim Minear was only doing these as a tip of the hat to a former series on which he worked. But if I had the opportunity to make a suggestion to him, I would recommend that he continue to include these little nods to other series. Perhaps to NBC's 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' or to 'Cold Case' on CBS. Maybe even an appearance by Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner from FOX's very own 'The X-Files'.

And if hte series survives into the Fall, then perhaps we could even see an off-beat crossover with some other FOX show - like 'House' or even 'The O.C.'!

Surely there must be somebody in that realm of plastic surgery poseurs who should get their face peeled off?



WordsSayNothing said...

An O.C./Inside crossover...I would pay good money to see that.

Jaia said...

I hear there's gonna be a character named Angel that's missing in an upcoming episode. And that there's some kind of connection to the all musical episode of "Buffy".

My guess is somebody sings one of those songs in karaoke or something.....