Thursday, January 1, 2015


Stacey Campbell had been a client of the Adipose weight loss program for several weeks and had lost about eleven pounds using the pills.  (Of course what was happening was that partial parthenogenesis was triggered in Stacey's body which resulted n the creation of an Adipose baby for every pound.)

Stacey's twin sister is named Angela and she works as a computer researcher at New Scotland Yard.  Angela had a bit of an obvious crush on Detective Matt Devlin and was devastated by his death.

Jessica Gunning plays both roles - Stacey in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Partners In Crime" and Angela on a recurring basis in 'Law & Order: UK'.  Based on admittedly scant research, Angela's last name has not been revealed on 'Law & Order: UK'.  So for the time being I'm going to stand by this claim that her last name is Campbell until contradicted.


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