Thursday, January 1, 2015


When the Toobworld timeline finally caught up to the events depicted in the first episode of 'Space: 1999', I had no choice as the Caretaker for the Toobworld Dynamic but to splain it all away.  I couldn't allow their premise - that the Moon broke free of its orbit and spun off into space, the final frontier - to stand, because since 1999 there have been plenty of TV shows that have shown the Earth's satellite in the sky. 

The only way to overcome this Zonk would be to come up with an alternate scenario for the aftermath of the Moon explosion.  In the Toobworld Dynamic, when the atomic fuel dumps exploded because of an errant laser blast by a 7-Up spokesman, Commander John Koenig was left in a coma.  And the Trueniverse audience was then treated to the dreams he had while in that coma, and those dreams made up the plotlines for the rest of the series.  ('Space:1999' is the most fictionalized depiction of real life events in Toobworld, followed by such shows as 'Pushing Daisies' and 'Jack Of All Trades'.)
Which brings me to the events of what happened in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Kill The Moon"......
Forget about the utterly loopy premise that the Moon is nothing more than a giant egg waiting to hatch.  Basically: "Forget it, Jake; it's Toobworld."  There have been plenty of crazy ideas from TV over the years which differentiate Toobworld from the Real World, with this one just the most cosmic.

The event will take place in 2049, thirty-five years into the Future.  It may seem like a long ways off, but I'm sure 1999 seemed like the distant future when Gerry Anderson presented 'Space:1999' and now we're fifteen years beyond that.
I know I won't be around by that point in Time.  I've actually lived far longer than my Mom even believed.  But even so, I'd like to imagine the concept of the Toobworld Dynamic might live on beyond my lifetime and if so, I'd like to put my own imprint on that Future.
However, I don't see the need to splain away the destruction of the Moon/eggshell by the creature that lived within.  And that's because Earth Prime-Time was without a moon for only about fifteen minutes before the newborn creature laid an egg that closely resembled the original Moon to take its place.  So those TV characters living on Toobworld beyond 2049 can look up in the night sky and still see the Moon.  Well... Moon 2.0.  And based on the gestation period for the previous egg, it will be there for billionss of years, long after the humans have all been killed off by space bees in revenge for their fallen brethren.....
Making the claim that the Moon is nothing more than a giant egg would mean that assertion would have to hold true in the other TV dimensions (but not necessarily the other fictional universes like Bookworld or the Cineverse.)  This would include the Monsanto amusement park moon of 'Futurama' (with the hatching long in the past for main character Philip J. Fry), and the Moon which was blasted into chunks in the dimension for 'Three Moons Over Milford'.  (It must have killed off the fetus, not that we saw any of its remains up there....)

Whatever that creature was that hatched from the Moon (I'd like to think it was one of those living spaceships like Moya or the Tin Man), it was lucky to have survived the explosion of the atomic fuel dumps and that it wasn't discovered by the colonizing Selenites who might have eaten it given the chance!

Here's one last idea: perhaps the creature which hatched from that first Moon was the same creature that was enslaved to become the spaceship for the population of Great Britain when they fled Earth Prime-Time.  It was probably just coming back to say hi to its old neighbors, only to get mistreated like that.  (As seen in the episode "The Beast Below")

And that concludes this current look at our lunar neighbor - at least the one in the TV Universe.....

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