Thursday, January 1, 2015


Yortuk Festrunk: 
Now are the Foxes!!
Georg Festrunk: 
Hey, Foxes! Clean up your act!
'Saturday Night Live'

Here's a pozz'bility: Foxes was playing herself in the "Mummy On The Orient Express" episode of 'Doctor Who'.

Originally I was hoping that the point of origin for the Orient Express... in Space! was the planet Sto, another mode of transport from the Max Capricorn Corporation like the space-faring Titanic.  But all of the names for the passengers and crew were too Terran - Perkins, Maisie Pitt, Professor Moorehouse.... And now I have another theory for one of the characters that would need to originate from Earth.

So getting back to Foxes.....

What if thousands of years into the future, the science of Earth was advanced enough that anybody from the Past could be cloned from salvaged cells?  I'm not exactly sure why Foxes would have been chosen for such a project....  Had it not been for this episode, I think I could have gone through the rest of my life without ever knowing who Foxes was.  

Or perhaps by this point in Time, temporal travel is possible and somebody went back into the Past to bring the original Foxes forward just to sing on this deviously special journey.

But then again, Foxes wasn't seen later in the episode after her big showcase.  Perhaps she was just a hologram of the singer, based on a performance from thousands of years before.  That's probably the correct splainin, but it's just not.... "wild and crazy" enough.


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