Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Another invasion from BookWorld will arrive in the Toobworld Dynamic, but not into the dimension of Earth Prime-Time: "Childhood's End", a classic science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke, is being adapted into a six hour mini-series by the Syfy channel.

The novel tells about the arrival of a race of aliens known as "The Overlords" who provide a Utopia on Earth - and all the Terrans have to do is surrender their identity and cultures.

The only major casting news at this point is that Charles Dance will be playing the Overlord ambassador, named Karellen.  He is a master in the use of comforting words (something Dance was a master at in 'Game Of Thrones'), and he wins the approval of the human population at first.  But after a few decades, the people grow restless and the fact that Karellen won't reveal his true appearance eventually inspires a rebellious backlash against the Overlords.

(There have been many depictions of the Overlords through the years, but I think the best interpretation is from "Barlow's Guide To Extraterrestrials".  If you can find this book, pick it up!  It serves as an excellent introduction to some of the best science fiction stories of the past sixty years.)

The main Toobworld has always found room for adaptations from BookWorld - "The Winds Of War", "Pride & Prejudice", the Sherlock Holmes novels, "Little Women", "Huckleberry Finn", "War And Peace", the aforementioned "Game Of Thrones" books (collectively known as "A Song Of Ice And Fire") even if that series takes place on Earth's twin planet of Mondas.  But "Childhood's End" would seriously jeopardize the basic timeline for Earth Prime-Time and so, like the TV series "Defiance" just recently, it must be relegated to its own dimension.


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