Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today is the day!

At 7 pm GMT (2 pm EDT for this corner of Toobworld), there will be a simulcast BBC special to unveil the actor who has been chosen to replace Matt Smith as the Time Lord in 'Doctor Who'.

Once upon a time we might have thought of him as being the 12th Doctor.  But with John Hurt now thrown into the mix, he (or she - we have no clue) should be considered the 13th Incarnation.  That would also mean the last by the old reckoning, but this is a sci-fi show, so there's probably some techno-babble way of circumventing that.  (My personal theory?  Why, thank you for asking!  I think the Doctor gained many new lives because he absorbed the time stream at the end of Christopher Eccleston's tenure in the TARDIS.)

We never got any regeneration from the Eighth Doctor to the Ninth, so I think this is where Hurt's character would fit in.  Someday the FB meme pictures and other videos about all the Doctors will have to adjust to fit him into the mix.  But until then, here's the sked alert for today's announcement......


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