Sunday, August 4, 2013


And so now we know at last.  Peter Capaldi is the new Time Lord.  The Thirteenth Incarnation of the Doctor.  (He was called the Twelfth Doctor during the special and around the web, but we still have to take into consideration where John Hurt's character fits into his life cycle.)

Readers of my blog know that I was hoping for Julian Rhind-Tutt to be the next Doctor.  But he placed well in the betting that led up to the final selection, so he may still have a shot at it someday.  I just hope he doesn't hold any hard feelings about this......

This isn't the first time around the block with 'Doctor Who' for Capaldi.  He's been a life-long fan, even writing letters to the Radio Times and to the producers of the show (back then) at the BBC.  But he was also in an episode, "The Fires Of Pompeii", where the Doctor - at the urging of his companion Donna - saved the family of Caecillius from the destruction of Vesuvius.

Having been saved, the lineage of Caecillius continued to flourish until a descendant who resembled the marble salesman, by the name of Frobisher.  John Frobisher was a functionary in the British government who was sent to negotiate with the 456 aliens.

You can see the DNA was strong in this family.....

There will be plenty of TV viewers out there, mostly in the UK, who will know Capaldi best from 'Thick Of It', an off-color sitcom about the inner workings of the British government.  It's 'Yes, Minister' dipped in acid.

Capaldi's character of Malcolm Tucker has to have the foulest mouth ever in Toobworld.  Make sure your children aren't around to listen to this, and don't watch it at work.  When you're ready, have a look & listen:

I'm sure there will be a lot of people who can't separate the actor from that character.  In fact, somebody will eventually capitalize on that and do mash-up videos combining his Time Lord with the Spin Doctor.  In fact, I can't wait to see that!

But his past history as Malcolm doesn't concern me.  I prefer to think of his role from thirty years ago, his first major part, in the movie 'Local Hero'.  A man with an awkward gait who chases after a "mermaid" is a far better template for the Doctor, no matter what the quirks to be sported by his new incarnation.

All the best, Peter Capaldi.  Every so often I bring up the mantra "Trust in Moffat" and I figure if you pleased the Grand Moff in the auditions, then we're in for a treat once the new episodes roll out.....

Wouldn't this make for a great new look for the Doctor?


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