Friday, August 9, 2013


Here's a note from Team Toobworld member and fellow crossoverist Caeric ArcLight:

Reading my first Honey West book. So far she's talked about calling Perry Mason if she has trouble and compares a big dude to King Kong.  It was 'This Girl For Hire.'

Honey West was born in BookWorld, but has her greatest claim to fame in Toobworld, thanks to the portrayal by Anne Francis.  In the TV Universe, Honey West can make connections with 'Burke's Law' and perhaps even with "The Maltese Falcon"!

Those examples supplied by Caeric won't be the only crossovers to be found in BookWorld when it comes to Honey West.  Win Scott Eckert, torchbearer for Philip Jose Farmer's great concept of the Wold Newton Universe, and Matthew Baugh will be teaming up the sultry sleuth with Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat the infamous cat burglar from the TV series 'T.H.E. Cat'.  

You can read about their upcoming Moonstone publication here.

It sounds like a winner!


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