Friday, August 9, 2013


In a perfect Toobworld, the most light-hearted of sitcoms should be able to co-exist with the darkest of dramas.  What could help to keep it from being too jarring would be the passage of Time between each series.  (And I'm talking about the Toobworld timeline, not the passage of Time in the real world, although that applies in this case as well.....)

In this week's episode of 'The Bridge' ("The Beast"), we learned that Detective Sonya Cross' sister was murdered when she was eighteen years old.  (Sonia was fifteen at the time.)

The killer was a brain-damaged man named Jim Dobbs.  And Sonya now keeps examples of his child-like drawings on her refrigerator.  

I have no idea if we'll learn more about Dobbs, but even if we do I doubt the show will delve into his family tree so far back that we learn about his great-great-grandfather.

So I'm going to make a theory of relateeveety - Jim Dobbs is descended from former US Cavalry soldier Hamilton Dobbs, who was stationed for a time at Fort Courage in Kansas after the American Civil War.

As usual, this is a connection that can't be proved, nor can it be disproved... so far.


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