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Over in the Television Crossovers Forum on Facebook, Robert Wronski of the TVCU posted this question:

Crossover or no? 'Farscape' - "Different Destinations" (2001) (TV Episode)
When John is tied up and Scorpius has boots on and has them resting on John and he is playing "Home On The Range" on the harmonica, the bottom of his boots say "ANDY". This is from the bottom of Woody's boot in "Toy Story".

For me and the Toobworld Dynamic, that wouldn't work.  Woody and "Toy Story" exist in some kind of off-shoot dimension of the Cineverse.

So I offered Robert a different splainin as to why the letters for "ANDY" were to be found on the bottom of Scorpio's boots:

In the written language of either the Scarrens or the Sebaceans, the glyphs in "ANDY" probably mean something totally different.

It could have been that "ANDY" was the name of the company that made those boots for Scorpius.  Or maybe that's how the name "Scorpius" looks in one of those two languages.  (Scorpius was a Scarren/Sebacean hybrid.)

So that's a nice simple splainin, and Toobworld Central is all about invoking Occam's Razor.

"But where's the sport in that?" as Hank Spim might say in 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'.

Exactly.  Simple splainins are the best, but a lot of the time there's no fun in them.

So here's a different take on those boots - who they originally belonged to, and how Scorpius ended up with them......

Andy Travis used to be the station manager for 'WKRP in Cincinnati' from 1978 until some point before 1990.  ('The New WKRP In Cincinnatti' had Donovan Aderhold as the station manager in 1991, but there was Steve DeMarco in between Donovan and Andy.)

After he left WKRP, Andy Travis probably kicked around in the business for a few more years.  You know, "packing and unpacking, town to town, up and down the dial".  And from this point on it's pure speculation as to what happened to him.

But I'd like to think that he made a sizable sum of money - he could have inherited it, but it's better for Toobworld if he won the money in Vegas, preferably at the Montecito!  (Andy always did look like a gamblin' cowboy!)

With all of that money and still with a love of radio, Andy may have bought his own radio station, perhaps somewhere in the desert of the Southwest where he could hang his Stetson and call it home.

Such a station would be KXKVI in Los Feliz.

This is not the Los Feliz suburb of Hollywood.  It is stated often enough that it's located in the desert country of the American Southwest.  I'm thinking it would be located in New Mexico.  Andy Travis was originally from Santa Fe, where he first got his start in radio and rose to the position of station manager.  (He was also the station manager at a station in Albuquerque.)

Owning a station like KXKVI would have given him the opportunity to take it easy in life and still get what he dreamed of when it came to the perfect radio station.

He just wasn't told about the station's link to one of the 31 planets in the Andromeda galaxy......

The previous owner of KXKVI, Alan Maxwell, once experimented with microwave transmissions at the station back in the early 1960s.  This caused a "Galaxy Being" to cross over through space from his world to Earth Prime-Time.

I think Alan Maxwell eventually died from his exposure to the radiation emitted from the Galaxy Being.  And his widow was convinced by Alan's brother Gene not to say anything about it or risk never making the sale.

So it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Andy Travis bought the station.  With others to do the actual work, he was free to putter around in the transmission shed where Alan Maxwell conducted his experiments.  But somehow Andy did something like... oh, I don't know - maybe reverse the polarity of the neutron flow? - and caused the transmission to now beam back to Andromeda instead of the other way around.

Sadly, I think Andy Travis has to be sacrificed in this non-canonical adventure of Toobworld.  Without the protection of a space-suit or a space-ship, Andy would have died in the highly irradiated atmosphere of that Andromedan world.  

(That world was probably Hermethica, which was populated by energy beings.  One of that planet's criminal element, known as The Wire, escaped its own execution by fleeing through the communications device of one of its executioners and then arriving on Earth.  Sound familiar?  Since that happened before the events at the KXKVI radio station, the rulers of Hermethica banned any other citizen of their world from making such a trip.  So the Galaxy Being knew it had transgressed the Law and was as good as sentenced to death.)

So Andy may have perished on Hermethica but his clothing may have proved of interest to the examiners.  And some unscrupulous Hermethican may have stolen them from their version of evidence lock-up (maybe at their version of a Torchwood facility - after all, anything worn by Andy Travis would be considered alien to those energy beings.)  And eventually those boots would be sold to Scorpius during his travels through the galaxy.

And long way 'round, that's how he got the boots marked "ANDY".

Admit it - wasn't that splainin a lot more fun than the simple version?

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