Friday, July 26, 2013


1]  This week's episode of 'McMillan & Wife' on Cosi-TV was from 1971 and took place after telephone numbers in Toobworld all began with the prefix of "555".  And yet the McMillans' phone number was stated as being "536-6674".  No area code was given, but I bet it still causes a headache for anybody who has that number anywhere in the United States, not just San Francisco.  (The episode was "Requiem For A Bride.")

2]  Pinder Singh didn't show up in this week's episode of 'Franklin & Bash'.  Perhaps the actor took time off to film another role; the script certainly survived without him - the agoraphobe would have been very uncomfortable had he been forced to go to one of the Stars' home games.  But then again, what if he never came back?  What if he was a victim of the recent Sharknado disaster?

3]  The birth of Prince George Alexander Louis this past week has already been folded into the tele-mosaic of Toobworld, thanks to a last minute scene filmed and inserted into the episode of 'EastEnders' which aired the next evening.  In the scene, Dot and Abi discussed the birth of the royal baby.

4]  In this week's episode of 'King & Maxwell', FBI Agent Rigsby announced that the US Marshals had arrived to take Tommy Smith and Ms. Culpepper into the WITSEC program.  

But we never saw the US Marshals.

So I'd like to think that the Marshals who showed up were Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann of 'In Plain Sight'!  They work out of Albuquerque and Smith did say he hoped they'd go somewhere warm....

Their series may be over, but they continue to thrive in Toobworld!


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