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From Wikipedia:
Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings (June 9, 1910 – December 2, 1990), mostly known professionally as Robert Cummings but sometimes as Bob Cummings, was an American film and television actor.

Cummings performed mainly in comedies, but was effective in his few dramas, especially two Alfred Hitchcock films, "Saboteur" (1942) and "Dial M for Murder" (1954).

From 1955 through 1959, Cummings starred on a successful NBC sitcom, 'The Bob Cummings Show' (known as 'Love That Bob' in reruns), in which he played Bob Collins, an ex-World War II pilot who became a successful professional photographer. As a bachelor in 1950's Los Angeles, the character Bob Collins considered himself to be quite the ladies' man. 

This sitcom was noted for some very risque humor for its time. A popular feature of the program was Cummings' portrayal of his elderly grandfather. His co-stars were Rosemary DeCamp, as his sister, Margaret MacDonald, and Dwayne Hickman, as his nephew, Chuck MacDonald. 

'The George Burns And Gracie Allen Show'
"Gracie Thinks Bob Cummings Is In Love With Her"

The title pretty much sums it up.

Actor Robert Cummings stops at the Burns' home to pick up George for a round of golf, and makes a remark, in jest, to Gracie. True to form, Gracie takes the actor seriously and immediately goes into action.


  • This episode aired on December 27, 1955, a Monday.  In the Toobworld timeline, the Burnses attended a party at Danny Kaye's home that night.  Tuesday morning is when Cummings comes over to get George.
  • George mentions to Harry Von Zell that Bob's new TV series begins that coming Sunday.  According to the records, 'The Bob Cummings Show' began on January 2, 1955 so the timing is right.
  • No mention is made of the TV show's plot, not even of its title.  So within the reality of Toobworld, the show could have been about anything else other than Bob Collins.  Therefore both Bob Cummings and Bob Collins exist in the same TV dimension and a Zonk is averted.
  • Members of the League of Themselves' "Choir Invisible" who are mentioned include Danny Kaye, "Prince" Michael Romanoff, and Claudette Colbert.


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