Thursday, July 25, 2013


One of my college roommates, Gary Ginsburg, became a grandfather the other day.....  

Now guess on what day Roxas Grey Khalifa was born?

Yep, he shares the same birth date as the future King George.

In 'The Daily Show' report on the royal subject ("On Her Majesty's Secret Cervix" - definitely in the running for the "Best Episode Title" Toobits Award!), John Oliver referred to Roxas... generally speaking:

"This boy's entrance into the world came with so much pomp and circumstance it's hard for it not to seem like a royal "F@&% You" to the other 370,000 babies born that day."

Maybe if Gary and his wife Pam, or some other family member, decides to make a video to commemorate the occasion of Roxas' birth, they might include that video snippet.  For the time being, it's still available on the Comedy Central web site.

All the best for the future, Roxas Khalifa.  You're already a prince in your family's eyes!


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