Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In the latest 'Masterpiece Mystery' episode of 'Endeavour' ("Rocket"), a family of suspects added up to something of an in-joke. 

The Broomes ran British Imperial Electric and their small dynasty could be seen as reflecting main characters of "The Lion In Winter".

[Missing from the 'Endeavour' cast photo are Alice Vexin & Prince Nabil]

Here's a side by side comparison:

"Rocket" - "The Lion In Winter"

Henry Broome - Henry II
The head of the family in whom the power lies

Nora Broome - Eleanor of Aquitaine
The estranged wife kept in exile and brought back only for holidays or for her involvement in important business affairs/affairs of state

Henry "Harry" Broome, Jr. - Henry the Younger
Both are unseen in their respective stories, having died years earlier.  Henry the Younger in fact died after revolting against his father.

Richard Broome - Richard the Lion-Hearted
The supposed heir apparent after older brother Henry, with secret weaknesses of his own

John Broome - Prince John
Weakling younger son

Although Henry II and Eleanor had daughters, none of them really figured into the play's storyline.  So Estella Broome might instead serve as the counterpart to Prince Geoffrey, dismissed by the rest of the family for the most part

Finally there's one last comparison:

Alice Vexin - Princess Alais (Alys of Vexin)
Mrs. Broome thought Alice was more than her husband's personal assistant, that they were having an affair.  Princess Alais was Henry II's ward who did carry on an affair with her guardian.

In both stories, there are dealings with the French, with Prince Nabil of the United Hashemite Kingdoms standing in for King Philip of France as the royal guest of the family.  And whereas King Philip had an affair with Richard, it is Estella who is carrying on with Nabil.

One last connection - the action of "The Lion In Winter takes place during the Christmas Court at Chinon, while the Broome family resides near Oxford at their home known as Chinon Court.....

Since there was a TV production of "The Lion In Winter" (starring Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close), it has been absorbed into the Toobworld Dynamic.  And as such, this could be the alignment of all the souls of the originals born to rerun.......


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