Monday, June 17, 2013


We've got another edition of "Life During Prime Time" today.  This is the third installment of a new feature in which we take a look at how living La Vida TiVo could be different from the mundane life people live in the real world.  And for the time being, my subjects are friends of mine.

We're taking a more fanciful approach with today's model.  Which is not surprising since she captures the fancy.....


This isn't a great picture for seeing Albulena, who's a loverly young lady (and whose nickname is my grandmother's name, so bonus points there!) But I've chosen it because it's more due to her association with the squirrel.

No, really!

As you can see, it's a red squirrel, which had an episode of a 1960s sitcom focused on one of its species:

Martin's malfunctioning molecular reassembler is what Tim uses to accidentally turn a squirrel into a human being. Martin has to fix the reassembler within 8 hours or else "Red" as they've coined him will be permanently changed to that of a human. In the meantime, Red's family moves in with the O'Hara's until he can be changed back to his proper squirrel state. Problems arise when Det. Brennan and Mrs. Brown come for a visit and notice a squirrel entering the apartment. The detective talks about calling in an exterminator to which Red takes offense and runs off. Tim finds him in an obvious location, a nut shop. To explain Red's conviction to the store clerk and the police called in that he's a squirrel, Martin states that they are a singing group called the Squirrels performing at that evening's Police Follies. They do perform at the Follies, much in the same vein as the Chipmunks, before they take Red home to transform him back to his proper state. Written by Huggo for IMDb

I took this plot-line and ran with it, claiming that Red's enhanced intelligence was retained once he was returned to his natural form. And that meant that the red squirrel population which grew exponentially from Red onwards, was now one of the most sentient species on Earth Prime-Time.

Since red squirrels can, on occasion, mate with the more populous gray squirrels, that IQ capability was transferred to the grays as well... but with disasterous results. It led to a spike in gray squirrel crime!

But here we see Albulena with one of the reds in the real world. Had this been Toobworld, however, there could be an entire backstory to this. For instance, perhaps she's friends with the squirrel; maybe even partners in some venture. (They fight crime!)  As with Wilbur Post and 'Mr. Ed', maybe Albulena's televersion can actually converse with the squirrel, something that isn't known to the general public. That could lead to awkward situations; hilarity ensues.

And it should have a typically bad sitcom title - like "Nutty Buddies"!

But it certainly beats how the majority of people end up playing themselves on TV - either getting dragged out of their homes with no shirt on (a la 'Cops'), or getting hit in the groin with a rake like happens all the time on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.

Speaking of nuts.....


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