Friday, June 21, 2013


There's no way I could know everything about the crossover potentials in the TV Universe.  Luckily for me, I know several other enthusiasts of the form who find many of the things I would otherwise never know about.

The Toobworld Dynamic would be a poorer place without them.  

Here's an example from one of my compatriots....

Crossovers we could have had... Poirot's sidekick Captain Hastings would have been at Eton at the same time as Lord Peter Wimsey. Fletcher (from the sitcom "Porridge") and, at least in one version, Harold Steptoe (from ["Steptoe And Son", the sitcom that became "Sanford and Son" on translation to America) both fought in the Malaya Emergency. And as regards the one crossover we did have - James Bond and John Steed were at Eton together,

In case you weren't aware, that last one does work, as James Bond is a character in Toobworld, thanks to the "Casino Royale" episode of 'Suspense'.  It gets more complicated after that, but that splainin will suffice for now....

As for the first two examples cited by Our Mister Brook, Toobworld Central has no problem in fudging the facts, by citing the Khan-Chekov Encounter:  Just because we didn't see it happen on our TV screens, that doesn't mean it never took place.

"Cathy Gale, isn't it?
I went to University with your partner, John Steed."

Of course, this pictorial representation would only work in the Borderlands, because for Toobworld, Sean Connery was only James Bond in the movies.......


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