Saturday, June 22, 2013


It's time to pay the bills.....

I'm glad the commercial had that coda - otherwise people might think that Milky Way chocolate kills.  (It probably does in our obese country, but not by pushing somebody off the top of a building!)

Speculative Television Mythography is my game and as such, I have a theory to expand the world of this blipvert.....

The company that made that billboard advertisement was Sterling Cooper.  And the artist who designed it was named Jonathan.

And Jonathan can tie this Mars commercial for Milky Way to Steven Spielberg's series 'Amazing Stories'.

During "The Mission", a World War II bombing run, Jonathan was a gunner in the belly of the plane.  During this particular mission, Jonathan was trapped in his "nest" and would most certainly die once the plane made a belly flop landing back at their home base airstrip in England.

But Jonathan had an ace up his sleeve.  Or rather, he had a hidden advantage due to his genetic heritage.  It appears that he was descended from the demi-god Evander, a boy with the power to create things out of his imagination.  And this power was passed down through the generations to others in his family once he procreated with humans.

Among his other descendants were Anthony Fremont ('The Twilight Zone' - "It's A Good Life" and "It's Still A Good Life"), Gregory West ('The Twilight Zone' - "A World Of His Own"), and Walter Kellogg ('The People Next Door').

Jonathan used his power to bring his artwork to life by drawing huge cartoonish wheels that buffered the landing of the aircraft and saved his life.

It's my contention that during his war service, Jonathan met Roger Sterling - who invited him to come work in the art department of the ad agency founded by Roger's father and Bert Cooper.

But he may not have lasted long because of complications caused by his powers.  And the near death of this poor schmuck who put up that billboard may have been the tipping point.

I'm also going to claim that Jonathan's last name was "Korman", and that he was the father of Jim Korman.  Jim grew up to become a comic book artist who inherited the powers handed down through the ages from Evander.  

(But that was another "Korman's Kalamity", as seen in 'Tales From The Crypt'.)

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.....


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