Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In the "Pilot" episode of 'King & Maxwell', we were introduced to the private eye team of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, both of whom were once Secret Service agents (but not at the same time.)  While investigating the death of his friend and mentor, Sean King opened up about his past:

His Secret Service career ended when the presidential candidate he was assigned to protect was assassinated.  Sean hit rock bottom after that, falling into a never-ending bender.  But his friend pulled him out of his drunken funk, got him through law school, and then helped set him up as a private investigator.

My Toobworld-honed mind immediately asked: "Who was the presidential candidate?"

'King & Maxwell' is based on a series of novels by David Baldacci, but a TV series is quite the different beastie.  That candidate may have been named in the books, but not in the show.  (At least, not yet.....)  So the tele-version is fair game for speculation.

The timeline is going to be tight, but I do have a candidate for the candidate:

Senator Gary H. Wright
(Joe Morton)
'House, M.D.'
"Role Model"

The episode took place in April of 2005, when the Senator faced serious health issues that were first diagnosed as AIDS, then as hairy-cell leukemia, and eventually treated correctly as Epstein-Barre Virus.  Senator Wright would be okay, but he'd have to be on medication for the rest of his life.

The Senator told Dr. House that he still intended to campaign for President.  He knew he didn't have a chance to win, but hopefully he would open the door for somebody else.

And as we all know, Senator Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States in 2008, both in the real world, Earth Prime, and Earth Prime-Time.

Like I said, the timeline is tight, but it looks like somebody couldn't risk Senator Wright losing that race.

I'm going to claim that Senator Gary H. Wright was assassinated later in the year - Summer of 2005 would be my guess.  An outdoor campaign event would be the perfect venue for an assassin.

Sean King quit the Secret Service in disgrace for failing to protect his charge, and then slid into an alcohol-fueled depression for several months.  (Any longer and he could have ended up dead.)  Eventually his friend pulled him out of it and guided him into law school.  

Law school usually takes three years, so by 2010, Sean King had his degree and passed the bar.  But instead of becoming a lawyer, he set up shop to be a private eye, just like his mentor.

A couple years into his gig and Michelle Maxwell quit the Secret Service as well.  She gets her private eye licence and he takes her on as a partner.

When we met them in that first episode, it was still early days in their partnership.  Sean was still learning things about her - like how she's a slob.  And their agency had serious financial concerns, as any new business might have.

So all in all, the timeline could work to bring us up to date in 2013.

I'm sorry I had to sacrifice Joe Morton's character, but it was a one-shot and he has several others to still represent the actor in Toobworld.  One of them, a doctor at 'Mercy Point', hasn't even been born yet!

And it's not likely this claim will be contradicted on 'House', as that show is cancelled.  But it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that we may one day learn the name of the assassinated candidate in a future episode of 'King & Maxwell'.

If so, fine.  The great thing about the Toobworld Dynamic is its fluidity.


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