Friday, June 28, 2013


Recently I wrote about the back-story for Sean King on the new TNT series 'King & Maxwell'.

Even though it was based on the books by David Balducci, I thought there was some wriggle room for Toobworld suppositions - like the identity of the presidential candidate who was assassinated while Sean was supposed to be protecting him.  

So now we know it was a white guy named Clyde Ritter, which rules out that it could have been Senator Gary H. Wright from an episode of 'House'.  This brings the TV series in alignment with the events of the book, so Toobworld and BookWorld are in harmony... at least on that point.

I'm always sorry when a fun li'l theory of mine is eventually shot down - the one I miss most was that Fionnuala Flanagan was the White Guardian of 'Doctor Who' in her first appearance on 'Lost'.  But dat's da name of dat tune, as Baretta would say.....

At least I got the timeline right for the assassination - it was eight years before the episode, making it 2005....


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Robert Wronski said...

It happens. So of my blog theories have had to get revised a few times based on actual story information later presented.