Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My blogging buddy Ivan* has begun a new feature to replace "Mayberry Mondays" - "Doris Days", in which he'll analyze and recap each episode of 'The Doris Day Show'.

Ivan's observations always make the episodes funnier than they ever had a right to be!

Don't remember the series?  Many people don't.  Here's the Wikipedia splainin for the original premise:

In this gentle sitcom, she was cast as Doris Martin, a widow and mother of two young sons, Billy and Toby, who, when the series premiered, had just moved back to a rural ranch outside of San Francisco, after living in big cities for most of her adult life.

With his look at the first episode, Ivan introduced us to the main players of the sitcom, including the family pet.....

The final member of the Martin-Webb household—yes, the damn dog actually gets a credit—is Nelson…or “Lord Nelson,” to use his full stage name. I know Doris is a dedicated animal rights activist and all, but what you don’t know is…she stole this dog from Joan and Jim Nash (Pat Crowley, Mark Miller) of Ridgemont, NY. That’s right—this is the same mutt from the sitcom 'Please Don’t Eat the Daisies' (1965-67), only he answered to Ladadog (or “Lad”) on that show. (I’m sorry I had to expose this dark chapter of Doris’ life to everyone out there…but I simply couldn’t remain silent any longer.)

Hey, it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble that Doris Martin was originally in New York City.  With her own writer/editor background, she may have come to know Joan Nash.  Perhaps her late husband Steve Martin (No, not him!) worked with Jim Nash as a teacher?

When her husband died, Doris may have gone off the deep end for a short time.  Long enough to pack up her kids and belongings and move back to her Daddy's ranch, outside of San Francisco.  

And for some unfathomable reason, she stole the Nashes' dog, changing its name to Lord Nelson during the trip West.

Of course, it could be that Joan Nash was happy to see the hairball go....

Thanks, Ivan!


* Ivan's site is called "Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear" and you can find the web link to the left.....

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