Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Time for another look at a new show coming in the Fall - this time on CBS.......

I've been too long at the Toobworld game so that if I can't place a show in Earth Prime-Time, then my interest will wane quickly.  It takes a lot to keep me hooked - 'The West Wng', 'Commander-In-Chief', 'True Blood', they held me.  'The Walking Dead', 'Smallville', '24' - they couldn't seal the deal.

So with James Naughton as President Paul Kinkaid, we're in another TV dimension.  And as I mentioned in my O'Bservations about 'Back In The Game' a few days ago, this is a very limited concept for a series.  A mini-series at best, but this should have been a two-part TV movie, if anything.

I'm going to give this a pass.  

But I will offer this sugggestion - CBS should find a way to do a crossover with 'Blue Bloods'.  That Tom Selleck procedural already has a different mayor and police commissioner for NYC, so why not a different POTUS as well?


PS -
This is my 8900th post to Inner Toob!

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