Sunday, March 3, 2013


Haven't done a 'Doctor Who' video on the weekends for some time.....

Far too many episodes of 'Doctor Who' are lost forever, thanks to the short-sightedness of the BBC which wiped the tapes clean in order to use them again. But an effort is being made to recover those stories even without the near-miraculous recovery of long-lost videos from around the world. Using the still-existing audio tracks, animation is being used to replace the missing footage.

Here's an example for an upcoming release:

I got such a 'Clutch Cargo' vibe from watching that!

Here's how it plays out for the Toobworld Dynamic: the original live-action version was already broadcast, and even though much of it is now lost, it still happened in the main Toobworld. But with this new release, the viewpoint for the Trueniverse audience will switch back and forth from Earth Prime-Time to the Tooniverse (and perhaps back again?) The exact same story played out in the animated Toobworld as it did for the main Toobworld with no variations, as often happens in such adaptations.


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