Monday, March 4, 2013


In the Toobworld Dynamic, certain souls are destined to be reincarnated together. The best example we have - aristocratic (and rather straight-laced) Ross Poldark and his free-spirited gypsy wife Demelza who lived in the Cornwall area. More than a century later, they were reunited half a world away in San Francisco, reborn as upper-class Greg Montgomery and hippie Dharma Liberty Finkelstein.

We have a new example of a couple that could not be kept separated by Death and Time......

From Wikipedia (about the HBO series 'Rome'):
Marcus Agrippa is portrayed as an earnest, loyal and understanding young man who Gaius Octavian values highly despite being so humble. His character is based on Augustus' real-life childhood friend, soldier and ally Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.

Agrippa is in love with Octavian's sister, Octavia, but they keep their assignations secret from her brother whom they fear would disapprove because of Agrippa's lowly birth.

Although of high rank, his rising to his position from a lower class leaves Agrippa a careful man. He stops short of criticising Octavian where others of high birth may have. His honesty is surprising considering his company; when Octavian confronts his family with accusations of infidelity, Agrippa is the first to admit that he and Octavia are having an affair. After Octavian has forgiven him, an honorable Agrippa breaks off his relationship with Octavia out of respect for his friend's wishes and legal rights.

[D]espite her pleas for them to run away together, an honorable Agrippa has decided to break off the relationship out of respect for Octavian. Octavia accuses him of choosing the power Octavian gives him over her, and calls him a coward. As she walks away, Octavia mentions that she is pregnant; it is almost certain that the child is his.

Many centuries later, they would be reunited, but again, they would not stay happy for long......

From the 'Downton Abbey' wiki:
Tom Branson (born in or before May 1890) is an Irish Republican, the husband and widower of Lady Sybil Branson née Crawley.

Hired to be the Crawley family chauffeur, he inspires Lady Sybil Crawley to get involved in political causes, and over time they develop a romantic relationship, later marrying, despite the reservations of her family, and living in Dublin, Ireland where Tom got a job as a journalist. By Christmas 1919, they were expecting their first child and in 1920 returned to Downton to visit the Crawley family and attend Mary's wedding.

Months later, Tom unexpectedly arrived at Downton after fleeing Ireland without Sybil, leaving her to arrive the following day. Due to the trouble he was in, Tom has been forbidden from returning to Ireland, so he and his wife began living at Downton. Sybil later gave birth to their first and only child and daughter, but died shortly afterwards of eclampsia with Tom and her family at her side, leaving Tom, the Crawley family and their staff shocked and heartbroken.

Tom has named his daughter after his late wife.

Two men of lowly birth but of the moral high ground, aspiring to love women above their station....

The soul of Marcus Agrippa seems to have reached his spiritual height, and that might have contributed to his being reborn looking so similar to his original form. Octavia, on the other hand, may have gone through several reincarnations to keep perfecting herself with each new life and that's why she didn't look exactly as she did so long ago.

Or I could just be talking out of my chauffeur's cap......


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