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Last year I had a run of articles about the O'Hara Family Tree which came to an abrupt end just before I went on one of my vacations.  I never returned to the topic, mostly because I had run into a brick wall with my look at Frank O'Hara (played by William Shatner on 'Psych').  His storyline had wandered too far afield with no basis in previously established plots from other TV shows.  Although I was happy with the idea that he married J.J. Drinkwater as a first wife, I had no justification for that idea - nor for the sub-plot about exposing Governor Drinkwater as a Nazi sleeper agent......

But there was more I wanted to cover - especially getting back to the story of Helen O'Hara and her illegitimate child by Kal El (aka Superman, aka Clark Kent).

Hopefully I will pick up that gauntlet again, because I do know where that one leads.  (My blogging buddy Ivan Shreve knows that Kryptonian/Terran half-breed as "Fishface".)  But in the meantime, I only recently discovered that there was more to the story of Chief O'Hara, the father of Frank and Helen.  And it didn't end in Gotham City, as I originally thought.

As he neared retirement age, Chief O'Hara took stock of his career in Gotham City and sadly came to the conclusion that he had not been fooling anybody.  If it had not been for the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin, Gotham City would have been over-run by the costumed criminal element it seemed to attract.  The Chief of Police understood that he would have been ineffectual against their threat for all those years.

So he retired of his own accord and moved away from Gotham City.  He wasn't ready to give up his career in law enforcement; just that he wanted to pursue criminals of a more low-key nature in a more tranquil environment, perhaps in some backwater small town.

He found just what he was looking for back East, in Massachusetts, somewhere along the Northeast Corridor of the train line that led to Boston.  It would be a few years before he had any type of excitement when it came to investigating crime - the prototype for a new automobile (and its train car bed) disappeared from a moving train as it headed for Boston.

At one point, Chief O'Hara helped insurance investigator Thomas Banacek in the investigation, providing what little information he had on the hit-and-run death of a vagrant in the area.....

Otherwise, Chief O'Hara spent his last years in quiet seclusion there in Massachusetts, not far from where his family tree began....


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