Friday, March 29, 2013


Every Sunday in the middle of the night, Me-TV shows an archaic episode of 'Mr. Lucky' which starred John Vivyan as the eponymous gambler and the great Ross Martin as his sidekick Andamo. (On a recurring basis, Pippa Scott plays Lucky's girlfriend Maggie.)

This week, the episode was "Maggie The Witness", in which Maggie was the sole witness to a gangland slaying in a tea room.

I have the episode embedded here for you to watch. The reason I think you should see it? If you're visiting this site, then you're familiar with the concept of TV crossovers. And this episode has a doozy - the visiting character isn't from another TV show... technically. But he has been seen in his own show in the Tooniverse, in the world of comic strips, in the Cineverse, and thanks to Terry Austin's obsession with him, in plenty of comic books.

This character may have shown up in Skitlandia, but I can't speak to that. However, I think this may be his first and only appearance in Earth Prime-Time.......

Hopefully you saw the credits at the end which gives credence to the idea that Jamie Forster was playing a flesh-and-blood Popeye decades before Robin Williams.

When he first meets with Mr. Lucky, Lucky addresses him as "Pops". That seems like a legitimate nickname which he would have acquired as he reached a ripe old age. In the comic strip world and in the Tooniverse, Popeye would be ageless. However, Time marches on in Earth Prime-Time and Popeye would have aged just like the rest of us. So the name of "Popeye" was reduced to "Pops".

For me, this has been an exciting find in the exciting world of Applied Crossoverology!


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