Monday, March 25, 2013


It's Monday. So let's start the week off with some porn.....


1] "Buffay The Vampire Layer" from 'Friends'
Phoebe and Ursula Buffay are twin sisters. Ursula was the first seen in recurring role on 'Mad About You' as the waitress who often served Paul and Jamie Buchman. Later, we were introduced to Phoebe as one of the 'Friends' who often gathered at the Central Perk coffee house.

Both were flighty, but Ursula exuded an indifference to others that bordered on cruelty. A good example was her career in adult movies - not wanting to use her own name, she simply borrowed that of her twin sister instead... which led to a lot of mistaken identity problems....

2] "The Porn Identity" from 'The O.C.'
"The Porn Identity" may not seem that exiting a title for an adult flick - it's just a play on words based on the book and movie franchise which was based on the "real" Jason Bourne (played by Richard Chamberlain in Toobworld.)

But imagine you are Marissa Cooper and you find out that your own mother, Julie Cooper, was the star of that movie? Awkward!

3] "Vaginatown" from 'Californication'
A porn actress named Daisy found out that Charlie Runkle was responsible for her getting black-balled in the business, so she forced him to get her a part in a movie that would be entitled "Vaginatown". I can only hope that the final line in the movie was: "Forget it, Jake. It's Vaginatown."

4] "Too Big To Nail" from 'Parks & Recreation'
This is the movie that inspired this Super Six list! It starred Brandi Maxxx as a fictionalized Leslie Knope and was loosely based on Pawnee's plan to subsidize a failing video rental store.

That other character in the movie was called Don Swanson, the parody of Ron Swanson.  However, I would have named him Ron Schwanstucker.  Nobody watches porn movies for the names anyway.....

5] "Welcome To The Sex Plane" from 'How I Met Your Mother'
Architect Ted Mosby found out that a porn actor was using his name which led to a lot of ribbing from his friends. Ted tracked down his counterpart and learned that he was a guy he knew back in grade school who believed that it was Ted who rescued him from bullies. Taking the name "Ted Mosby" as his acting name was his idea of a tribute.

Barney Stinson was impressed to meet him, though.....

6] Joey Tribbiani's porn movie from 'Friends'
Apparently the original script had the title of Joey's film as "How To Suck Seed In Business", but Standards & Practices stepped in. Succeeding (oops) suggestions probably were even worse, so eventually it was left untitled.

But we can make a theoretical crossover with another 90's sitcom to give Joey's movie a title!

Margaret Cho had her own sitcom for one season called 'All-American Girl' about her character's Korean-American family. They ran a bookstore which had an adult video section in the store.......

From my Little Buddy Sean:
Her parents had a video store, one of the videos was "Free Your Willy"
"You know that's pornography?! 'Free Your Willy'. Heh heh. It's gooooooooood!"

A few other titles were mentioned in the episode - "In & Out Of Africa", "The Booberly Hillbillies", and as seen in this picture, "Lips Without Pity" (which was supposedly about student nurses.)

Of them all, it was "Free Your Willy" that garnered a second mention as seen with the quote provided by Sean. So that's why I'm choosing that one as the title of Joey's porn movie.

By the way, Joey remained clothed in that movie. It could be that the producers wanted to use him, but the fact that he was circumsized (which came up in a later episode of 'Friends') may have turned them off from using him for the actual sex scenes.

And that's the perfect image for dropping the subject.....



ArcLight said...

Man, I totally crushed on Ursula when Mad About You started up....

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great post, know what i mean, know what i mean, nudge nudge wink wink...

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