Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If TV characters were tele-cognizant, they might realize that they usually just appear in Toobworld fully-formed and with no backstory actually lived out. They may talk about their earlier lives, their childhoods, their college years, but the Trueniverse audience doesn't get to see that played out on their TV screens..... Unless they go hunting for it in other TV shows.

All part of the job here at Toobworld Central!

Pete Hornberger was the director of the TV variety show on NBC which was originally known as 'The Girlie Show', but which became 'TGS with Tracy Jordan' when the comedian joined the cast. Over time, we learned more about Pete (aka Peter Horn), met his wife, learned about his life as a member of the band Loverboy, etc. 

 But '30 Rock' was not the first time we ever saw Scott Adsit play the role.

In the 'Friends' episode "The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin", Pete was the director of a movie about Catholic immigrants from Naples and Joey Tribbiani auditioned for a role.

Unfortunately for him, the part required full frontal nudity... and that he be uncircumsized. Monica tried to help him out by fashioning a "hoodie" made from luncheon meat, but it fell off at a key moment.....

Scott Adsit played the role, which was listed only as "The Director". Since he would later go on to play Pete Hornberger in '30 Rock', why can't both directors be the same man?


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