Thursday, February 7, 2013


TV shows have always reused plotlines from other TV shows, so I feel comfortable in calling on one from 'Friends' for this theory of relateeveety.....

Daisy Wick, a forensic pathologist at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C., probably doesn't realize that she has an identical half-sister in California. (She's probably the result of an affair by Daisy's father.)

We don't know the sister's real name*, but her porn star name was also Daisy!

It could be that porn star Daisy had no clue about pathologist Daisy. She might have chosen the name in tribute to an actress from 1930's - Daisy Adair, who died in a fire on the "Gone With The Wind" set. Daisy may have been inspired by Miss Adair because of all the sexual affairs she had with the big stars of the day.

Or, in keeping with the 'Friends' plotline, she did know she had a half-sister named Daisy and so chose to use her name as her porn star alias as some childish revenge against their father.

Perhaps, as happened in the case of Phoebe Buffay, who also had a twin sister working in porn films, maybe Daisy used Daisy Wick's full name. But as happened with Ursula Buffay, the joke would be on porn star Daisy once the residuals started arriving in pathologist Daisy's mailbox.

I guess we'll never know.....

  • 'Bones'
  • 'Californication'
(Carla Gallo plays both Daisies....)


* It could be that porn star Daisy's mother deliberately named her daughter after Wick's other daughter, in her own form of revenge when he didn't leave his wife for her......

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