Friday, February 8, 2013



'The Nanny'
["A Pup In Paris"]

From Share-TV:
Mr. Sheffield is off to Paris. His mother wants him to talk to Nigel, his brother, who's spending his trust fund on a nightclub. He accidentally takes the bag with Chester instead of the one with his clothes to Paris, and Fran chases him into the plane. Unfortunately, it's too late to get out, and now Fran and Maxwell are together in Paris. They go shopping and touring around the city, after Maxwell has a horrible fight with Nigel. Eventually, he realizes all he wants is to be like Nigel, so he takes the first flight back to NY. The plane goes through heavy turbulence, and upon the threat of a disaster Maxwell opens his heart and tells Fran he loves her. To Be Continued

When Eartha Kitt is introduced to Maxwell Sheffield, she makes that growling purr that could probably be considered her trademark. In an aside, Fran tells her to "Back off, Catwoman."

I don't think this is a Zonk, even though Eartha Kitt was the second woman to portray the feline felon from 'Batman'. That Catwoman is still considered - within the "reality" of Toobworld - to be Tina Mara, a contortionist who once worked for the US government. ('Mission: Impossible')

The life of Tina "Catwoman" Mara was so full of drama - Previously, she had been a drug addicted cabaret singer known in Hong Kong by the stage name of "Angel" ('I Spy') - that eventually a movie would surely have been made about her. And who better to play her than a famous entertainer like Eartha Kitt who looked exactly like her?

So Fran Fine was making a reference to Ms. Kitt's role in such a movie.

Zonk averted!


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