Friday, February 8, 2013


1] "The Careful Terrorist" (October, 1962)

2] "The Happy Suicide" (March, 1965)

With that first episode, Simon Templar was living in New York City on East 73rd Street. But three years later, he was staying at the Waldorf Astoria (which is where I got my first job when I moved to the City.)

I have yet to see all the episodes in between these two (for some reason "The Happy Suicide" was shown out of sequence), so it could be that a reason was given for the change. Then again, script continuity was never a major concern in those days. And it may just be a detail considered too trivial to bother with. (Of course, that's what interests me the most!)

But there are a few possibilities as to why Templar moved:
  • Being such a world traveler, he no longer needed a fixed address in New York.
  • He was only subletting the apartment temporarily.
  • He was subletting it to somebody else.
  • He was having the apartment renovated and/or fumigated.
I'm rather partial to that last one as Toobworld Central underwent such an upheaval over the last few weeks.


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