Monday, June 11, 2012


All this week Inner Toob will be featuring characters from 'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury as a tribute to the man. The "As Seen On TV" showcase may even get in a few of those same characters, but from episodes of 'The Ray Bradbury Theater' ('Ray Bradbury Presents').

But none of them can be claimed to be from Earth Prime-Time. Both versions of Bradbury's stories must be relegated to alternate TV dimensions where the Earth would blow up by the year 2000 or so. For some reason, both versions of the stories remained committed to the timeline established in the original stories. And although we can splain away a hidden moonbase for the main Toobworld, the same can't be done for "The Martian Chronicles". It clashes with the previously established Martian timeline culled from a variety of TV series.

But this doesn't diminish how great these stories are. It's just that - if they did take place in the main Toobworld timeline, it won't be happening for many decades to come....


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