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The grandson [Conjecture - his name was Ewan] of Sgt. Biff O'Hara, who became a sheriff in Nebraska, had three sons - the oldest was Miles, the middle son was named Timothy, and the youngest was Seamus. Timothy moved back to Toledo, Ohio, only to find that the neighborhoods which had been the bastion for his Irish forebears were now home to Lebanese immigrants. A man named Tonoose, who had Americanized his family name to Williams, acted as the unofficial head of these inter-connected families.

Timothy O'Hara ended up marrying one of those Lebanese-Americans, a girl from the Klinger family. They had a son whom they named Timothy O'Hara, Jr. (It is a common practice to name the oldest son after oneself, which is why we made the claim that the middle son's name was Timothy. The names of the other two O'Hara boys, Miles and Seamus, were established on TV.) 

Tim O'Hara's godfather was his mother's youngest brother Max Klinger. (Although the actors Jamie Farr and Bill Bixby were born in the same year, Max and Tim were separated by at least a decade, perhaps even two, on the Toobworld timeline.)

But before Tim could reach high school, the O'Haras packed up and moved to Los Angeles.

Tim O'Hara eventually became a reporter for the Los Angeles Sun, and he took in an older male companion whom he passed off as his "Uncle Martin". (It's not what you think - not that there's anything wrong with that!) Tim O'Hara has not been seen on Earth Prime-Time for many decades, and it's believed by the ruling council of Toobworld Central that his "Uncle Martin" came back for him and took Tim O'Hara on a trip that could be described as "out of this world".

Meanwhile, the connection between the O'Hara family and the Lebanese-Americans of Toledo continued... in a way. One of the grandsons of Aloysius O'Hara who remained in Toledo had a son who married a nurse named Kathleen Daly. After O'Hara died from wounds he suffered earlier in World War II, his widow Kathy and their young daughter Linda moved to New York for a fresh start. There, while tending to a sick boy named Rusty Williams, she fell in love with his father, Danny - a nightclub performer and the nephew of Tonoose, the patriarch of the Toledo Lebanese-Americans.

It's a small Toobworld, after all.

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