Monday, June 11, 2012


Running through this week are the chapters in the O'Hara genealogical album - short anecdotes about the family tree beginning back in the 1870s and continuing through today. It's more or less a direct line from Aloysius to Juliet, but with side trips to showcase other members of the family like Tim and his "Uncle Martin", the widow Kathy (nee Daly), and "Fishface", the last grandson of Krypton.

The following theories of "relateeveety" are just that - a theories. Mileage - I mean, lineage! - may vary in other shared universes......




For one particular branch of the O'Hara family tree in Toobworld, that has been the motto for many generations, going back to at least the Civil War.

For the purposes of this theory of relateeveety, that's when we begin this lineage - with Aloysius O'Hara, an Army sergeant in the U.S. Cavalry who was better known to the troops as "Biff" O'Hara. Stationed at Fort Apache on the Western frontier after the war, Sgt. O'Hara was "lifer" - one could say he was married to the Army and would be so to the day he died.

But Aloysius "Biff" O'Hara was actually married. However, he left his wife and son behind in Toledo, Ohio, to serve his country. With nothing left behind to remember him save the monthly stipend from his Army pay.

One of his grandchildren, an O'Hara lad whose first name is unknown, decided to follow his grandfather west. He settled down in Ashford, Nebraska, and there became the County Sheriff, a position that would one day be shouldered by his own grandson.

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Coming up next: "Toledo"


Thanks go out to Stan Landman, one of the Iddiot Brethren, who suggested the inclusion of Sgt. O'Hara......

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