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Miles Ewan O'Hara was a plain-clothes police detective in one of the largest metropolises in Nebraska - perhaps Omaha, maybe Lincoln. There he married "the farmer's daughter" - the eldest child of James and Frances (née Blassingame) McCutcheon. Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara raised three children of their own - oldest daughter Helen Juliet and the fraternal twins James and Francis.

B.L. McCutcheon often argued with his sister
about the toll her marriage to O'Hara was taking on her.....
After raising her three children to adulthood in the country's heartland as best she could, Mrs. Miles O'Hara suddenly passed away, leaving Detective O'Hara distraught. (Mrs. O'Hara's younger brother, B.L. McCutcheon blamed O'Hara for the death of his beloved sister. McCutcheon claimed that O'Hara's over-zealous involvement in his job, which left her alone to raise the children, became a burden which was too much for her to bear.)

This is why Miles O'Hara jumped at the chance to relocate to Gotham City in order to become its police chief when the offer came. The position had the advantage of freeing him from so many memories of his wife back in Nebraska. As police chief in Gotham City during the turbulent 1960's, there would be plenty of misadventures to keep Miles O'Hara from brooding over his late wife.

Unfortunately, Chief O'Hara - along with his boss, Commissioner Gordon, came to depend too much on the crime-fighting capabilities of the Caped Crusader, Batman (with his sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.) Many outside observers began to see him as something of a joke as the Police Chief.

"Any ordinary crook the department can handle.
But the when in comes to the likes of Penguin,
there is only one being on earth..."

Being quoted thus in the papers certainly didn't help his image.....

At any rate, Chief O'Hara tried to instill the same dedication to the Law in his children as he had, and for the most part he was successful.....

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