Saturday, May 26, 2012


Robin Gibb of the BeeGees passed away earlier this week, a victim of the cancer that plagued him in recent years. He was preceded in death by his twin brother Maurice and his younger brother Andy, leaving only Barry Gibb as the surviving musical member of the family.

Gibb was best known for his musical contributions, probably moreso in connection with the disco soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever", but the BeeGees had several great songs in their musical career before that period. Perhaps unfortunately, the BeeGees are famous (or infamous?) in the Cineverse for playing the Lonely Hearts Club Band in the movie based on the music of the Beatles.

But Robin Gibb also carved out a position for himself in Toobworld League of Themselves enough times to qualify for membership in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame. And those appearances don't even take into account the many times he appeared - many times with his brothers - on variety shows and award programs, talk shows and recorded concerts. They even had their own show down in Australia before really hitting it big back in England.

Robin Gibb also has a Skitlandic televersion, as played by Justin Timberlake in several outings on 'Saturday Night Live' as part of his brother Barry's talk show, (Barry Gibb was played by Jimmy Fallon.) And that counts toward his tally for admission.

Here are some other examples:

What I don't have is any video evidence of an unbilled appearance by Robin Gibb in an episode of 'Ellen', the sitcom Ellen DeGeneres starred in before her long-running talk show.

Here's Justin Timberlake as Robin Gibb on 'Saturday Night Live':

Robin also composed a song for the "Sesame Street Fever" album which isn't technically a part of the TV Universe, but there is a nice fan-made video to go along with it:

So in keeping with my new tradition of honoring those individuals who have departed with instant entry into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame if they qualified, I'd like to take this opportunity to sadly welcome Robin Gibb into the ranks.

This may be the first time - outside the four times a month year-long celebration of the Hall's tenth anniversary - in which more than two inductions have been held in the same month. It is also the second one this month triggered by a death here in the Trueniverse.

So much for "the merry month of May"....

Welcome to the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, Robin Gibb. I'm sorry you found yourself a member too soon......

Good night and may God bless.

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