Saturday, May 26, 2012


I've put the spotlight on several friends over the last week who have seen their televersions appear in Toobworld (or in Mel's case, come close to doing so). Today is no different, as we post this video salute to Griff's Chicken Shack in Hamden, Ct., owned and operated by Scott Griffin.

This piece was produced for the local TV show 'Ct. Perspectives', but it won't be running now until June 17th. So I'm going to jump the gun and give them a tip of the hat now here at Inner Toob.

Griff's Chicken Shack is probably best known for their chicken fingers and the wall of fame featuring those hardy enough to eat at least ten (maybe the minimum is fifteen?) And then there's the wrap called the Elvis (as you'll see in the video.) But for me it's the pulled pork BBQ sandwiches!

Anyhoo, if you find yourself in Hamden, Ct. and in need of a bite to eat, drop by Griff's Chicken Shack!


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