Sunday, May 20, 2012


Mary Cadorette's first big role in Toobworld was also her best-known - that of Vicky Bradford, Jack Tripper's live-in girl-friend in 'Three's A Crowd', the sequel to John Ritter's mega-hit 'Three's Company'.

If Jack and Vicky ever married in their life after prime-time once the show was cancelled after its first year, I think it's likely that Vicky would be a widow by now. Even though 'Three's Company' was adapted from a previous Britcom, Ritter became so identified with his role as Jack Tripper that it's inconceivable that any other actor might attempt to play it in a remake. (Not that it would ever stop any network making the attempt in the future.)

Here's the first half of a 'Three's A Crowd' episode (of which I couldn't find the second part, so I'm not sure it's even out there on YouTube.)


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