Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I’m like the Dexter of sex.
I love you and then I will kill you.”
Ellie Torres
'Cougar Town'

I'm not sure how to play this Zonk. Ellie can't be referring to the Dexter Morgan of Toobworld - His identity as a serial killer has not been made public. Adn because he lives in the same TV dimension as Ms. Ellie, she can't be referring to the TV show. And again, he's still not revealed as a serial killer. (That same argument would go for the books, as well.)

Could it be that 'Dexter' is set in the past? Far enough back so that a TV show about him is already being broadcast, yet current enough so that the TV show looks up to date (without fashions and automobiles proving otherwise)?

I don't have Showtime, so I've only seen the pilot episode on a freebie weekend. (I do own the first three seasons in a boxed set, but have yet to watch them.*) I have no clue if current events come up in conversations during the show.

If we can claim that the TV show in Toobworld is based on a recent headline-grabbing story, then there is no Zonk. Otherwise we have to come up with an alternate Dexter.

Here's one possibility:

Dexter mentioned by Ellie is either the last name or the solo name of some pop culture heart-throb who is known for his many sexual conquests. Some of these women may have killed themselves over him. Others might have suffered heart attacks from the excitement of being in his presence. Others could have been crushed to death in a stampede because they all just wanted to be near him.

Here's another possibility - Ellie Torres actually knows Dexter Morgan and knows his secret. She lives in Gulfhaven, Florida, on the middle west coast and he's in Miami down east. But still, it's a small Toobworld, after all, and maybe their paths did cross. It's hard to believe that someone as careful as Dexter is would have let someone as untrustworthy as Ellie learn his secret, but I'm sure some ambitious script-writer could make the scenario work.

Whichever option - or even one I didn't think of - works best, there's enough reasonable doubt that we don't have to assume it's Dexter Morgan.

By the way, if someone really is the Dexter of Sex, would that be considered "dexting"?

If you watch 'Dexter', why not write to me and let me know if my theories have any validity......



Robert Wronski said...

Perhaps she is referring to Colin Dexter, the crime writer, who writes stories about murderers.

Toby O'B said...

Great idea, Robert! Everybody has a televersion and 'Castle' has shown that mystery writers do show up in the TV Universe.....