Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's been ten years since the "Men In Black" have been on the theatre screens, and I'm surprised they never mounted a TV version about the exploits of Agents K and J. The Men in Black do exist in Toobworld, but never officially connected to the movies. (For example, we saw two agents in 'The X-Files', played by Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek.)

But now the "Men In Black" have found a back-door entry out of the Cineverse and into the TV Universe.....

With a blipvert.

Here's a look at what you get from that Dunkin' Donuts tie-in app with "Men In Black 3".

Just another attempt for the government to control your minds through your cell phones. (I don't have one, BTW.)

Still, at least now I can claim the right to bring the three "Men In Black" movies into the Toobworld Dynamic. And I'll give this particular agent the code name of "DD" (for Dunkin' Donuts, natch!)


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